Get Out The Hole was founded by Shanell. The Purpose of this label is to bring awareness to those who are imprisoned with in their minds. This is an attempt to inform people to release their own fears. Some fears maybe lack of self-esteem, lack of resources and lack of opportunity. Many people don't receive encouragement from individuals within their own family. Family members have not succeeded in their personal life therefore it becomes difficult for them to encourage the use of the next generation. Children look up to the adults in the family for support and when the children don't receive support within their own family they seek support from outside the family which can lead them to associating themselves with people who don't have their best interest at heart. In some cases the resources that are needed for self-growth are not available with in the neighborhood. Resources such as libraries for research, learning centers to improve reading and comprehension and the opportunity to achieve attainable goals. These goals must be considered reasonable and reachable. Get Out The Hole is as it name is stated to encourage and promote positivity and growth. Unfortunately most people are crippled by misfortunate situations, by a mindset, or by their emotion state. Our aim is to help break the negative mindset that has been developed and perpetuated into today’s society. Our society has over protected our children from values and discipline and over exposed them to permissive sex, drugs, alcohol and violence to the extent that it is hard, for them to cope with the highly technological age they live. The younger generation today needs greater motivations than any preceding generation, but instead it has less. Our focus and doing this is to help break the cycle that has already been established by focusing on reaching out to our Brethren and Sisthren and help pull them out of the hole in which they reside. There are those who are already out of the hole, there are those climbing out the hole and there are those who need encouragement to get out the hole. Get Out The Hole is designed to inform people who are struggling that there is hope. With that in mind individuals may view themselves successful. Success is a state of mind and when you see yourself achieving your goal then you will realize your own ability to achieve. Achievement is what Get Out The Hole is all about, so get out the hole of the system of things, get out the hole of selling drugs and doing drugs, get out the hole of racism, get out the hole of committing crimes, get out the hole of hatred, get out the hole of sorrow and misery. get out the hole of psychological abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, economic abuse, and spiritual abuse. Get out the hole in which you reside. GET OUT THE HOLE, together we will try.